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This is a very helpful article, and, for myself a timely reminder. Every step is of equal importance, being open and clear in your energies is one of the secrets to manifesting what we wish. Asking Trusting Action and Receiving, the Universe always responds, and in the most appropriate way.

It reminded me of a well quoted phrase, “you may not always get what you want, but you will always get what you need” The need being an experience that brings us closer into alignment with our Soul, our Higher Self and our Creator.

– Self Care For The re-emerging/re-inventing herself woman Asking for an answer to a problem, or asking for what I want, has been something I do regularly but what I do that I believe puts a kink in the energy flow hose, is that no sooner do I ask I, my ego/mind, is plotting my answer and the appropriate action.  In the past, trust, time, or space has not been given for the answers to bubble up from within. While wandering in the bookstore recent … Read More

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10 Tips on Asking For What You Want & Letting Go To Get It… (via pURe Wellness~Living)
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