I have worked with this energy system and found it to be extremely beneficial.



This information introduces the Ascension Energy System (AES). This series of papers describes an energy system under the guidance of Metatron, the AES Guides, the AES Energies themselves, and additional Light Beings. The AES utilizes morphic fields of frequency bundles activated by geometric figures.

The point of the AES is to facilitate the ascension process of individuals and planet Earth. The end stage of this process is channeling differentiated energies from the Universal Heart, through an individual’s heart, and to the Earth Heart.

If you are drawn to experience these energies, then this set of papers will get you started. Try looking at the symbols and following your intuition in deciding whether or not to experience this process. Attunements to these energies are completely unnecessary.

You can ask for direction and assistance from the AES Guides from the Angelic Realm, as well as Metatron. Try asking for assistance from the Higher Aspects of yourself. Included is a series of papers. From our experiences, starting at the beginning is necessary. Unfortunately this site seems to have been hacked, however there is an archive posted here.

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