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Chakras and Self Development.


By: Anadi Sahoo on Jul 09, 2013


Chakras and Self Development Working with chakra energy is the best way to expand the self potential. Each Chakra manifest certain divine qualities. As we delve deeper into the chakra experience, the potential automatically unfolds. Let me now describe, what each chakra represents: Root Chakra is about manifestation of spirit as material. It is the chakra of nature and shows the animalistic nature of man, happy, unconscious and survival oriented. Hence fulfilled Root chakra depicts the deep grounding in the material world.

It has a bearing on how well one will connect to nature and live in harmony with natural laws. Such a person enjoys his life fully like an animal does, unaffected by comparisons with others. Some of the tribes across the world still live at root chakra and hence live a healthy and happy life. One lives the issues of food, sex and sleep without any desire and guilt, just as a way of life.

Conflicts at root chakra affects the natural way of living and hence cause the issues related with body. One may consistently feel the drowning of energy and the issues of sexual impotency. One may also have unnatural approach to feed by way of either lack of hunger or hogging of food beyond what one requires. Kundalini energy lives at root chakra and as it awakens, root chakra is fulfilled and the man begin to rise beyond his status as an animal. Awakening at Root Chakra ensures smoother Functioning of Body. Read more………………….

Chakras and Self Development… By: Anadi Sahoo

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