Does it work: Energy healing

There’s no disputing that energy exists and that it’s within us and all around us. So why is there so much scepticism about its ability to heal? Louisa Wilkins decides to give the life force a chance.

Why this treatment?
I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it, too. You’re thinking that energy healing is a bit pansy – airy fairy, touchy feely. You’re wondering how you can quantify the real benefit of an energy healing session and, subsequently, how you can justify spending money on it. But in the same way that a haircut is only as good as the hairdresser, and an artist can draw life-like people whereas the rest of us can only draw stick men, so do energy healers differ. You get those who were born to heal and those who would really like to. And the gap between the two is vast.

Seda Goksel, 36, has been aware of energy since she was very young, although she didn’t always know what to do with it. She says, “I’ve always been very intuitive and was doing energy healing informally from a young age. But then I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could and channel it in a proper way, so I started training in all the different modalities. Now I am qualified in reiki, hypnotherapy, theta healing, chi qong, aura reading and chakra cleansing, amongst other things.”

So, what can it heal? Emotional and mental hurt, energy imbalance, stress, confusion, anxiety and more. It can also help with physical illnesses. Seda says, “When we are sick, our bodies are trying to tell us that we need rest. Reiki doesn’t heal our bodies, but its effects will help speed up the process.” Read more………………………….

Does it work: Energy healing

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  • August 9, 2012 at 5:05 am

    you give a real tips about Energy healing I believe that it is work very powerfully.Thanks to share it.


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