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Have you ever stopped, relaxed and just watched your thoughts for a few minutes. Admittedly its not something we ever think about doing, after all our thoughts just seem to flow in and flow out again. It’s only when we stop and observe that we can begin to see our patterns of thinking.

One such pattern is “thinking about what we don’t want”, as opposed to thinking about “what we do want”. Some examples are………..”I don’t want to be in debt” ……………”I don’t want get stuck in traffic today” ………………Can you see the pattern here, its things we don’t want. And as our thought energy attracts the things we think about most, well guess what ? we end up getting more of what we don’t want.

Its only when we begin to change our patterns of thinking towards what we want, that we can move closer to actually having those things.


Focusing on what we want.
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