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Practising staying grounded is a very important mainstay of all spiritual and
healing work. It is no good at working with the energy and higher frequencies if
we cannot bring those benefits through into our daily life.

One good way to practice grounding is to sit comfortably in a chair and with
your feet firmly placed on the ground. Feel into your base Chakra while imagining
a tube of light about six inches in diameter spiralling down into the centre
of the Earth. I like to wrap this tube around a beautiful rose quartz crystal.
Take a moment to send love and thanks to Mother Earth. You can also imagine
roots growing down from the soles of your feet into the surface of the planet.
The tube of light can be any colour that you choose.

It’s good to work with different colours to find one that work’s best for you.
The more you practice this exercise during the day, the easier you will find it
to ground yourself.

Men should ground down from the base Chakra, but for women they should feel
into their navel Chakra and then down at the base Chakra and imagine the tube
of light spiralling down from the naval Chakra down to the base Chakra and then
down into the centre of the planet. It’s important to ground yourself before
doing any healing work or any meditation and it’s also good to do it before we
sleep at night, and upon waking in the morning.

The important thing with these exercises is to trust, your thoughts are very
powerful and what you think of and put energy into will manifest, so don’t
worry too much about getting everything right to start with, just trust and you
will be grounded.


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One thought on “Grounding

  • October 12, 2009 at 11:59 pm

    I will try this grounding technique. Thank you.
    Not sure what color to focus on. my favcrite is blue.
    Michael J


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