Time travel with us, back 50 years, back 100 years, and then back to just about 140 years ago, in 1865 a boy, Mikao Usui was born in a town called Kyoto in the far off country of Japan. Mikao was born into this country when it was opening up to the outside world for the first time in almost 200 years. The ancient samurai warriors that had defended the country were being replaced with modern police and soldiers. Traders and teachers from other parts of the world were attracted to this land. A lot of them came through Mikao’s town of Kyoto because this was a place where a lot of traditional culture, arts and temples were located. It was the place where the emperor lived. Mikao’s country was going through many changes and becoming less isolated, so as he grew up, Mikao wanted to learn more about the world and the way things worked. He loved learning at school and become a student of the ideas of how to live-Buddhism, Confucisim and Taoism. He also went on to study other ideas of how to live, including Christianity. Read more @

One version of the Reiki enlightenment story

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