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This is a guided meditation to help us open our hearts, clear blockages, and allow more Divine unconditional love into our lives.

This meditation may be done sitting in a chair with your feet firmly on the floor with your spine held upright but relaxed. Alternatively you may lie down on a blanket on the floor, but be sure to have her pillow or bolster under your knees. If your knees are locked it can restrict the energy flow in your body.

Start by taking several slow breaths in through your nose all the way down to your abdomen, feeling your abdomen pushing out, continue to breathe in as your rib cage and chest expands. Next breathe out slowly and completely through the mouth.

Do this several times.

Next as you breathe in, imagine yourself calling back all your own energy towards you, any energy you may have scattered out in the world.  As you breathe out imagine breathing out any energy that is not your own, and returning it to its rightful place in the universe.

Repeat the sequence several times.

We are now going to call in the Archangels, their Feminine Divine Twin Flames, and the angels of the heart to assist us.

We call forth now the mighty Archangels and their Divine femine twin flames.

We call forth Archangels

Michael and Faith.

Jophiel and Christine.

Chamuel and Charity.

Gabriel and Hope.

Raphael and Mary.

Uriel and Aurora.


Zadkiel and Amethyst.

We ask these mighty beings of light for their protection, love and assistance in this sacred space.

We call upon the angels of Divine love and the Angels of the heart to be here now and to assist us.

We call upon Archangels Chamuel and his twin flame charity as we open our hearts, we now forgive ourselves, and we forgive all others that we may have hurt or held back in anyway.

If it feels uncomfortable for you to do this, know that you are forgiving them at a soul level.

Feel into to location of your heart Chakra, located in the center of the chest at the level of the physical heart.

Imagine a ball of bright grass green energy being formed there; see this ball of energy slowly begin to rotate.

We now call forth from our Angelic helpers, a sphere of Divine golden light to be placed into our heart center, feel the angels putting this in place for you. Ask that this golden light starts to gently dissolve anything that is not of the Highest Love frequencies. You may want to breathe into this area, breath golden light into your heart and breathe out all the pain, guilt, sorrow and discomfort.

Now imagine that a beautiful pink sphere is forming in your heart center, in the center of your chest. Feel this pink energy begin to rotate, and as it rotates it begins to radiate outwards. Ask the angelic helpers to fill this sphere with Divine Love, Forgiveness and understanding.

Feel the pink energy flow down your arms and into your palms. Feel this energy flowing out of your palms and into your energy field. Experience the sensations of this for a little while.

Now feel into the pink sphere in your heart center, watch, see and feel this center expanding out wards, as it begins to cover your whole chest area.

Feel it expanding to cover your throat and neck, covering your abdomen and pelvis. Feel the energy covering your legs and feet, feel the energy covering your head, as it expands outwards to fill your whole energy system with the qualities of Divine Love, peace and acceptance.

Begin to feel the energy being slowly drawn back into your heart center, feel the sensations dying down, as all the energy is gathered up in your heart. Ask that the Angelic beings of light assist you in closing down all your energy field, back to normal awareness, and touch in your base center as this closes down.

Touch in your navel center as this closes down.

Touch in your solar plexus center as this closes down.

Touch in your heart center as this closes down.

Touch in your throat center as this closes down.

Touch in your third eye center as this closes down.

Touch in your crown center as this closes down.

Thank all the Beings of light for their assistance here today.

Breathe deeply and slowly as you return to normal everyday consciousness, feel grounding cords growing from the soles of your feet into the earth. Slowly move your hands and feet open your eyes, and slowly and gently get up.



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