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Protection is a very important part of spiritual and healing work, in every situation
in life there will be an energy exchange between other people. It’s therefore
important to make sure that you don’t allow other people’s negative
energies to enter your auric space.

The auric field surrounds every living thing and contains many different layers.
It extends out to around two to three feet from the human body. It so important
they keep your aura clean and protected. There are many tools to help you
to this. You can use physical exercises to draw the aura in at a distance of two
and half to three feet in every direction. Front and back, above and below. Imagine
this egg shaped bubble surrounding your physical body. When you can picture
your aura surrounding you in your mind, then call for a beautiful golden
bubble of light to surround your aura in every direction to a thickness of about
six inches. This golden light will help to seal your aura and also give you some

You can call upon Archangel Michael and his legions of angels and ask them to
wrap you in a beautiful sphere of divine golden light for protection. You can also
request from Archangel Michael that he that he put his blue flame Armour
around you.

Archangel Michael is always very close to those the work with the Light and he
will always protect those that request it. Again when doing this exercise just
trust that is happening and it will be. The aura naturally expands and contracts
all the time. Being in nature, especially near water or the sea expands it, as
does being with those you love or are connected with. It also expands during
healing work or meditation. So if you are in safe place, it’s good to let your aura
expand out.

However you want to pull your aura in tightly around you when you are going to
crowded or negative places. This covers the Auric field and I will cover the different energy centres or Chakra’s in upcoming posts.


Protection for energy work
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