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If you have been practicing Reiki for some time, you are already familiar with some of the wonderful benefits Reiki has to offer. Among these is the ability to do Reiki for self healing. In order to receive the full benefit of Reiki for self healing, it is helpful to learn the secret of doing effective Reiki self healing. What is this secret?

The answer is very simple. The secret of doing effective Reiki self healing is that you must do a full Reiki treatment (all of the hand positions, on a consist basis, for a period of time, e.g. one hour daily), and not just treat the symptom areas, e.g., the painful shoulder or the nagging headache.  Note: Please remember that Reiki is not a substitute for receiving medical treatment when you need it.  If you have a medical condition, always follow your doctor’s advice.  Ask your doctor is doing Reiki for self healing is right for you.
Hawayo Takata, the Japanese-American woman who brought Reiki to the West said, “Anytime that a condition is present for three weeks or longer, the condition becomes chronic. By then, the whole body is involved in the healing process. Reiki works as a system (of Reiki hand positions). You must do full Reiki treatments and treat the entire body.”  Giving Reiki only to the symptom area won’t work.”Read more……………………………

Reiki for Self Healing By Dr. Lourdes Gray

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