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Reiki: The New Compliment to Cancer Treatment

The diagnosis of cancer is one that strikes fear in the hearts of those unlucky souls who receive it. Not only do cancer sufferers have to fear the disease itself, they have to fear the traditional cancer treatment regimen. Almost everyone who receives a diagnosis of a major cancer, such as a lung cancer like mesothelioma, breast cancer or prostate cancer, will have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Oftentimes, they have to undergo both.

Although effective at treating cancer, chemotherapy and radiation treatments are devastating to the human body. They result in weight loss, severe energy loss, extreme nausea and severe pain. Oftentimes, traditional Western medicine treatments are ineffective at helping patients cope with the symptoms they experience from their cancer treatments. Luckily, there are alternative medicines that will help cancer patients deal with these symptoms.

Reiki is becoming a very popular treatment for people dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Reiki is a treatment that was developed in Japan. It relies on the ability of its practitioners to manipulate the energy levels in the patient’s boy, as well as transmitting energy into the patient. Reiki practitioners believe that there in an underlying cosmic energy force that is helpful for treating many ailments.

During a reiki session, the therapist will touch 15 spots on the patient’s body for around 3 to 5 minutes each. These touches will impart energy to the patient’s body, rejuvenating them and helping them to feel better. Most patients undergo between 3 to 6 reiki sessions for a full course of treatment. It has been found very effective at reducing the pain and nausea caused by traditional cancer treatments, as well as significantly raising the energy levels of patients.

Another great aspect of reiki treatment for cancer patients is the sense of control. Many times a reiki practitioner will teach a patient how to self-treat. During a time when life feels like utter chaos, this small gesture means the world to patients.


Though there is not much scientific evidence proving that reiki has healing abilities, clinical trials have recorded patients claiming to feel less pain and a better sense of well-being after reiki sessions. Many doctors promote the use of complimentary therapies, like reiki, when undergoing conventional cancer treatments.

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Reiki: The New Compliment to Cancer Treatment

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