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The Crown Chakra is the Chakra that activates and opens at us up to the higher consciousness. The two basic energies of duality, which we name masculine and feminine, unite, bond and transcends at this Chakra creating (when it is active ) a super consciousness that is beyond time and space. In the Super consciousness a process of unification occurs between you the Human personality and Higher Self.
When you begin to have been even a small glimpse of what these words mean, it is like an enormous power being lit up in the mind. People have described his experience in many different ways. “The top of my head felt as if it was splitting”, “ a fountain of divine light flowed in-and-out”, “I was taken into the light”. Once be begin to have these kind of experiences, there is no going back. Mundane everyday life is forever changed and we see everything as a play of subtle energies. Influencing the head, this Chakra opens upwards. It connects deep within the brain to the pineal gland, which is an important key to our biological clock. The pineal gland, and the gonads (prostate/ testes or ovaries/ uterus at the base Chakra work closely together to regulate sexual growth at puberty.

The pineal gland produces a hormone called melatonin, which regulates the light reactive photoreceptors in the retina of the eye. Continuous light decreases melatonin production, and increased production in the dark at night calms us down. During the day the pineal gland produces high levels of another hormone, serotonin, urging us into activity. So these two hormones work in a continuous circadian cycle.

serotonin is thought to have an important influence on our emotional state, high levels of the hormone are thought to improve mood. Various other hormones released by the pineal plant including pinoline, are similar to LSD , producing hallucinations and heightened states of awareness. The pineal gland also has a complex biological link with the adrenal glands, which produce adrenaline, the fight or flight hormone. This link is thought to influence stress levels, through the kidneys and gut, at the solar plexus and sacral Chakra.

Some qualities of the Crown Chakra are.
It’s associated element is Spirit.

Its colour is white, violet and gold.

Key issues are inner wisdom and aging.

Energy function is unity and transcending masculine and feminine energy.

Physical location top of the head facing upwards.

Associated spinal area none.

Physiological system central nervous system and brain.

Endocrine gland pineal.

Nerve plexus cerebral cortex.

Activity transcendence.

Body sense ESP clairvoyance, Clairsentienence, and Clairaudience.

The inner aspect is release.

The life lesson is releasing attachments in order to transcend earthbound karma.

Physical action meditation.

Mental action universal consciousness.

Emotional action beingness.

Spiritual action unity.

Colour for balance / activation Golden-white light.

Colour to calm pale rose-pink.

The Crown Chakra.
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  • May 1, 2011 at 9:53 am

    David Pond says that "understanding the chakras is one of the most effective means of accessing the various levels of consciousness available to you." In Chakras for Beginners: A Guide to Balancing Your Chakra Energies, he describes the chakras and what it takes to keep them functioning properly. Chakras are energy centers. Pond calls them the "batteries for the various levels of your life energy." Their source is the universal life force. Of the many chakras we each have, seven are considered as primary. These seven are in a straight line along the length of the spine. Any blocks or imbalances in the chakras can result in disease or emotional difficulties. After discussing chakras in general, Pond devotes a chapter to each of the seven primary energy centers. He first describes the "drive" or purpose of each chakra. For example, the first chakra is concerned with survival, while the fourth chakra deals with the quest for love. He then discusses all the ways in which the chakra can be out of balance, including problems related to too much energy as well as difficulties stemming from too little energy. After explaining how to balance the chakra, Pond discusses how to keep it in balance. Each chapter includes exercises designed to balance and maintain the individual chakras. He finishes with a section on special tips and techniques for activating the chakras. He also explains how colors and crystals can affect the chakras. The last part of the book is a collection of essays about chakras. In those, he discusses subjects like kundalini, spirituality, and transmuting negative energy into a positive force. He also includes several meditations. Pond’s intention with Chakras for Beginners is to help people acquaint themselves "with the chakra system, how it works, and how it should operate optimally." Readers will find that he has provided all the information they need for understanding how to keep their chakras free of blockages or imbalances.


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