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The base Chakra is the foundation of life positioned at the bottom of the spine
and opening downwards. The base Chakra draws Earth energy upwards through
the feet and legs to process and stabilize it. It channels the energy up the the
spine in a form that the body can handle.

Disorders that affect the sacrum, spine, excretion, and sexual organs are connected
to the first Chakra. Red light, which is the lowest frequency energy of
visible light, stimulates this Chakra.

Some qualities of the base Chakra are: –

Associated element-Earth.
Colour of petals-red.
Key issues-sexuality, lust, and obsessions.
Energy function-stabilisation of Earth energy that enters the body through the feet and legs.
Physical location-between the anus and genitals, opening downwards.
Associated spinal area-fourth sacral vertebra.
Physiological system-reproductive.
Endocrine gland-Gonads.
Body sense-smell.
Aspect-grounding spiritual energies.
Life lesson-survival and establishing purpose on earth.
Physical action-sexuality.
Mental action-stability.
Emotional action-sensuality.
Spiritual action-security.
Colour for balance /activation-red.
Colour to calm-pink.

The Root or Base Chakra.
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