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The second Chakra is called the sacral, sometimes also known as the spleen or naval centre. It is concerned with assimilation, both of food as well as ideas, which brings about an natural sense of joy This Chakra is where sexuality is transmuted into the creative arts through self-expression. The element of water is associated with this Chakra In the body the genitourinary system, including the kidneys connects with his Chakra.

We need water to be begin digestive processes and carry the energy derived from food to our cells. Water then disperses unwanted by-products through the kidneys. If this Chakra is under active or out of balance there will be an urge to over indulge in food or sex, causing obesity, food intolerance, chronic skin conditions or possibly impotence or disease.

An over active sexual Chakra will lead to confused sexuality, unless it is balanced by the influence of the heart Chakra. Chakra teachings call upon us to regain sacral equilibrium through dance, laughter,
yoga, breathing and visualisation of orange light. Even eating orange-coloured fruit will help harmonise this important Chakra.

It is at the sacral Chakra that caring and home-making qualities are developed, in both men and women. All relationships and family interactions are functions of the sacral Chakra. Consequently, many emotions are handled primarily through this Chakra. So it is important to be aware of a possible build-up of stress levels here. Various Chakra’s function in pairs and psychologically the sacral Chakra is linked to the throat Chakra. Therefore, if the function of the throat Chakra is repressed it will have a
detrimental effect upon the sacral Chakra.

Some of the qualities of the sacral Chakra: –

Its associated element is water.
Its colour is orange.
The key issues, relationships, violence, and addictions.
Its energy function transmutes sexual energy.
The physical location is in the upper part of the sacrum, below the navel. The
associated spinal area is the first lumbar vertebra.
The physiological system is genitourinary.
The glandular System is the adrenals.
The nerve plexus is sacral.
Its activity is excretion, body sense is taste.
The inner aspect is feeling.
It’s life’s lesson the seeking of meaningful relationships with all life forms.
Its physical action is reproduction.
Its mental action is creativity.
Its emotional action is joy.
Its spiritual action is enthusiasm.
The colour for balance / activation is orange.
The colour to calm is peach and amber.
The sacral Chakra is related to the quantity of sexual energy of a person. With
the centre open, a person feels their sexual power. If they block this particular
centre, whatever sexual force and potency they have will be weak and disappointing.


The Sacral Chakra.
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