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The throat Chakra can be thought of as a bridge placed at a physical point on the neck where the body narrows and concentrates all of these energies to pass information up to the brain. It is a bridge too in the sequential development of the inner aspects of Chakra energies, since once the throat Chakra is open, access to a different land, another side of the river of life, the spiritual realms is achievable.

This Chakra’s associated nature element is Ether, a nebulous energy mysteriously supporting other dimensions of soul and spirit. The throat Chakra is linked primarily to the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the body. These can secrete hormones for normal human growth and the metabolism of calcium. The workings of the ear nose and throat, with the senses of hearing and speech, and to some extent the respiratory system are also connected to this Chakra.

So if there are imbalances in any of these areas, which will show up as disease or discomfort, the throat Chakra will need to receive healing.

If this Chakra is blocked it can result in depression and may even make a person feels suicidal. If you’re very depressed it may help to discuss your problems with a qualified councillor By talking things through, you encourage the self-expression aspect of the throat Chakra.

Some qualities of the throat Chakra are.

Associated element ether.

The colour is turquoise or smoky blue.

The key issues are self-expression, communication and will.

Energy function a bridge between physical and spiritual energies.

The physical location is between the collarbone and a larynx on the neck.

The Associated Spinal area is the third cervical vertebra.

The physiological system is the respiratory.

The endocrine glands thyroid /para thyroid.

The nerve plexus is the cervical ganglia.

Its activity, speech.

Its inner aspect is expression.

The life lesson is to resonate with compassion.

Its physical action is communication.

Its mental action is thought.

Its emotional action is independence.

Its spiritual action is inspiration.

Colour for balance /activation is turquoise. Colour to calm pale misty blue.

The Throat Chakra.
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