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Did you know that the chakras of the body have a function and a purpose that most people do not understand? Last week in this space we took our first look at the human experience of “yearning” as a tool of awareness. Our exploration of this continues this week by describing this sensation in a way that opens the door to a larger understanding of the use and function, purpose and role of your body’s chakra centers. We have heard much about these centers in our body over the years, but seldom, if ever, have we heard how they “operate,” or why they are there. Let’s use the experience of “yearning” to take a look at this.

While yearning is a mental process, it can, like all mental processes, produce physical experiences. Yearning can produce a sensation in the stomach; what we might call “jitteriness” or a “jumpy tummy.” Deep and sad yearning can even cause a dull pain there. This is because yearning is an energy, and there is an energy center in the area of your body where your stomach is located. This energy center is called a chakra, and it is one of seven such centers in your body. Read more………………………………….

What Chakras Are For – a message from Neale Donald Walsch . . . Neale explains why emotional clearing is all important!
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