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As we go through our day we come into lots of situations and meet lots of people that have an effect on our personal energy system.

Our Energy body, or Auric field can collect these energetic vibrations, and many of them may not be in our Highest good.

A simple exercise, i like to do first thing in the Morning and last thing at Night is as follows,

Stand in a relaxed posture, feet about shoulders width apart. Hands by your sides.

As you breathe in slowly, raise your arms towards your heart area. At the same time as you do this imagine all the energy fragments you have “out there” returning to you with love and acceptance, and re-aligning themselves in your aura.

Next as you breathe out, push your hands out in front of you. As you do this, imagine all the energies that do not belong to you, being returned to their natural place in the Universe. With love and acceptance for their lessons and experiences.

You may wish to complete this sequence between 3 to 5 times.

Stand relaxed for a minute or two, and then return to your everyday reality, safe in the knowledge that your energy field is now much more balanced.


Reclaiming Your Energies.
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