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Recently I have felt muddled. Muddled is the only way I could describe it really. I was going along .. actually flying along really and then things began to get wobbly. A bit of doubt crept in … trust was ebbing away and before I knew it I was wandering along in the dark.
It was not a `poor me’ darkness but more of a `where have my bearings gone ..?’ Ah … the questioning mind …
A while ago a woman who channeled Mother Mary gave me a message from her in which she said that once I learned to quiet my mind I would begin to hear Mary’s voice .. and this did begin to happen. One day ..out of the blue .. while I was out walking.
She spoke to me .. she spoke of the Mothers, she spoke of the energy of the Divine Feminine .. she spoke of many things. But what struck me most was her energy. This energy was soft and gentle with a strength. This, she told me was an energy which had been mistaken in times past. This softness, this love was looked upon as being almost weak .. ah .. but this is not true.
The energy of love is the strongest energy there is.
This energy can dissolve anything.
In the presence of this energy there is nothing else.
That is what is meant by `Love is all there is’.
Over the past few days I have pulled myself back a bit.My mind has got in the way of things. It began to question, to over analyse.
In order to quiet the mind I have gone within. I have been guided to exercise a lot .. to stretch my spine like an animal. Animals have the instinct to do what is needed with their bodies. We have lost this to some degree but if we listen to our body it will tell us what is needed. When we move our bodies a lot it can help to quiet the mind.
I have been drawn to Nature. A few days ago I had an incredibly sore crown. I was drawn to stand in a circle of very old trees which are near where I live. They told me to stand there and they would help take away the discomfort. It was amazing ..
And then .. of course .. my old friend the heron. The heron has been with me for a number of years in three different countries where I have lived in the last decade and each time he reminds me.
Balance – maintain your balance. In the midst of all of these changes it is important to focus on your steady place within.
In Reiki we call this point of balance, the seat of power,the tanden. Once you have been practicing Reiki for a good while and you have worked on this area you have the ability to stand while concentrating on your tanden and nobody can push you off balance .. physically or otherwise.
So …Reiki, the heron and the trees .. they have guided me out of the dark.
I have trusted that the guidance would come and it did. It always does. The main point of reference always comes from within. Your inner voice will always guide you home and in the presence of love .. that is all there is.

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Reiki, the trees and the heron … (via Matarikidimension’s Blog)
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