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The heart Chakra is positioned in the centre of the chest, and is connected to two other minor chakra’s, the thymus and newly developing Chakra the kalpatree.

The associated colours of lights to balance them are, respectively bright grass green and pinkish violet or gold. Our  hands are included in the flow of heart Chakra energies, and it is through them that we can experience the gift of touch. The heart is the place where unconditional love and compassion develop.

These can be encouraged by first balancing the heart Chakra with the colour green, and then the colour of soft pink. The circulation of air and oxygenated blood through the body are functions of this Chakra. Energy blockages in the heart Chakra manifest themselves as heart or lung disease. The flow of lymph may also be affected. When the heart Chakra is fully balanced the physical body automatically enters the state where its basic survival needs are met.

It is then that the real work of this Chakra begins-the development of forgiveness, peace, acceptance, openness, harmony and contentment all of which are aspects of unconditional divine love.

Some other qualities of the heart Chakra are:-
It’s associated element is air.

Its colour is grass green.

The key issues passion, tenderness, inner child issues and rejection.

Its energy function receptor /distributor of unconditional love energy.

It’s physical location, in the centre of the chest on the sternum.

The associated Spinal area is the 4th thoracic vertebra.

Physiological systems are the circularity, lymphatic, and immune systems.

The endocrine gland is the thymus.

The nerve plexus is the heart plexus.

Its activity is manipulation.

Its body sense is touch.

It’s inner aspect unconditional love and compassion.

Its life lesson honouring the earthly forms of divine love.

The physical action is circulation.

The mental action is passion.

The emotional action is love.

The spiritual action is devotion.

Colour for balance /activation spring greens.

Colours to calm magenta and pink.

The Heart Chakra.
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